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Projeto G

Horrível caro e ineficiente porcaria de aplicativo não serve pra nada


Muito Ruim este app. Além de não oferecer instruções de uso, não substitui as lentes como afirma

Não gostei

Só serve para fotos!


Propaganda enganosa... Não serve para nada, muito menos para compensar a falta de óculos


É uma porcaria não faz o que promete a câmera do meu celular tem mais resolução que está merda


No meu celular o app funciona perfeitamente, exatamente como descrito.

Uma porcaria

Quero meu dinheiro de volta , a imagem não fica fixa e a resolução e fraquíssima


É um zoom da câmera do celular. Quero meu dinheiro de volta.

Lamentável!!! Horrível

Dinheiro jogado no lixo. Muito melhor usar a câmera do celular

Enganação !

É o aplicativo de câmera do iPhone ! Fui ludibriado. Gastei meu dinheiro à toa.

It doesn’t work.

How can I get my money back? There is a zoom feature on I pad for free. This is a joke. I want a refund

I See

This app works beautifully

5 Stars

Love it!

Eye reader app

Hard to write while using..

Same as using two fingers to zoom in the stock camera app

Lame.. Surely Apple shouldn’t allow paid apps like this.

Don’t waste your time/money

This is nothing like reading glasses. It’s just a hand held magnifier.


How can I cancel and get my $ back?



Very handy when I remember I have it!


Rip Off

Yup they got me too! Should have read reviews first before purchasing. I want my money back!!!!!

Didn't like app

I deleted app. It didn't magnify well. Blurry.


hard to use, not really a good view......


After buying this you discover it needs to use your camera which is when I figured out that all you have to do is use your camera in the first place to zoom in (magnify) whatever it is you need to see. Silly me.

The app you didn't realize you needed

I've performed so many workarounds to this use case finally an all-in-one solution.


I would like e refund as soon as possible. Doesn't not work. Please credit my itunes account.

Does not work

Another app that does not work.

Money wasted

This is a monumental piece of crap. Don't even think about buying this garbage

Mistake buying this app.

I purchased this app without reading any info, basically it's function is just using my free camera app. I would like to cancel this purchase. How can u do this, pls I want a refund for my $3.99 fee.

May be good but tell me why?

Good marketing, because I bought this app without reading about it and for the most part it's tautung what newer smartphones do already... Zoom in. I'll practice a bit and hopefully it's more useful. $3.99 is a lot for an app when so many are free or much less.

No Big Deal

You can do basically the same functions just using your camera. You and I pay a fee to use an app which uses the camera we already have.

No stars

A waste of money. The camera works much better on its own. For me, this is a scam!

The worst App ever

Not worth a penny .. Total scam

Pocket Glass Pro

I download this app so my could read a menu. This is one of the rare times I paid for an app. DON'T waste your money. This app is beyond worthless.


No merece ni 1 estrella


Waste of money. The worst app bought on AppStore.


Needs to be focused a lot quicker........on wifi deficient hot spots will be an issue.

RIP - Crashes 100% of the time!

I was dumb and should have read the reviews first... My bad for falling for it. Apple needs to remove this app as well as police scam artist like this one.

Great for presbyopia

Great for presbyopia


App will not even open. Crashes repeatedly.

This is a RIP OFF!

Same as the guy above, the app will not even open after install. I hope they enjoy my $3.99 it's the last they will ever get. Punks.

App won't open

Downloaded it, tried it, closed app. Tried re-opening app and it simply will not open. Wasted money!

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